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Main Products

Flow meter:

  Electromagnetic flowmeter (calorimeter), ultrasonic flowmeter (calorimeter), ultrasonic water meter, turbine flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, orifice flowmeter, Coriolis mass flowmeter, thermal gas mass flowmeter, metal tube flowmeter, oval gear flowmeter, rotor flowmeter,Swirl vortex flowmeter, roots flowmeter open channel Flow meter and so on.

Pressure instruments:

  pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, pressure gauge and pressure switch.

Material position instrument:

  Ultrasonic liquid level meter, radar material (liquid) meter, magnetic flip plate level meter, input hydrostatic level meter, single / double flange liquid level meter, floating ball level meter / switch, electrode liquid level switch, tuning fork switch, magnetostrictive liquid level meter, radio frequency admittance liquid level meter / switch, etc.

Temperature meters:

  thermal resistors, thermocouples, temperature transmitters / switches, etc.

Analytical instruments:

  PH/ORP meter, turbidimeter, conductivity, sludge concentration meter, sludge cleanser, etc.

Engineering projects:

  PLC/DCS and other related automation projects.

Portable testing instruments include:

  Thickness gauge, Vibration meter, hardness meter, water meter, surface roughness meter, tachometer, anemometer, illuminometer, glossometer, transmittance meter, stroboscope, belt tension meter, temperature and humidity meter, acidity alkalinity controller, flaw detector, eddy current conducting instrument, etc.


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