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Five steps to solve the weak signal problem of external clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter

The external clamped ultrasonic Flowmeter is a kind of flow meter which is very suitable for the pipe full tube measurement. It has convenient installation and non-contact type. It can not only measure the medium flow rate of large pipe diameter, but also can be used to measure the medium that is not easy to contact and observe. Its measurement accuracy is very high, and it is almost free from the interference of various parameters of the medium under test, especially it can solve the problems of strong corrosive non-conductivity, radioactivity and flammable and explosive media flow measurement of other instruments. Because of the characteristics that other kinds of instruments mentioned above do not have, it has been widely used in the industrial measurement of tap water, sewage, seawater and other liquids, but also used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other fields.

The external clamped ultrasonic Flowmeter can normally run normally for a long and high period of time after installation without maintenance. If there is a problem of not receiving the signal or if the signal is too weak, don undefined be surprised. As long as you follow the five steps below, standardizing the operation, the serious processing will return to normal soon:

1. First, make sure that the Flowmeter in the pipeline is full of fluid;

2. If the pipe is too close to the wall, the probe can be installed on the diameter of the pipe with inclined angle, rather than on the horizontal pipe diameter, the Z method should be used to install the probe;

3. Carefully select the dense part of the pipe and fully polish the bright, smear the full lotus root mixture to install the probe;

4. Each probe moves slowly and carefully in the vicinity of the installation point to find the high signal point to prevent the installation point from receiving the higher signal because of the scaling on the inner wall of the pipe or because the ultrasonic beam reflects the predicted area due to the local deformation of the pipe;

5. For metal pipes with severe scaling on the inner wall, the method of striking may be used to make the scaling part fall off or crack, but it should be noted that sometimes the method does not help the ultrasonic transmission because of the gap between the scaling and the inner wall.

Because the external clamped ultrasonic Flowmeter is often used to measure the dirty fluid, after running for a high period of time, it often accumulates the adhesive layer in the inner wall of the sensor and causes trouble. It is suggested that filter devices can be installed in the upper reaches under the condition of conditions, which will give full play to the stability of the instrument and maintain the stability of the measured data.


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