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Selection principle of flowmeter in industrial production 1

1. The choice idea of flowmeter

At present, although the development of flowmeter measurement technology has become more and more mature, but there are many kinds of flowmeter, so far there is not a kind of flowmeter that can be applied to any occasion, and each flowmeter has its applicable scope and limitations.

Because of the complexity and importance of the technological process and the measured objects in the industrial production, the importance of the selection of field flowmeter is determined.Correctly and effectively select flowmeter, therefore, must be familiar with industrial production process and is measured in a variety of characteristics of fluid and the measurement methods used to, should also consider some other related influencing factors, such as flowmeter performance index (flow range, extreme pressure, error and repeatability, etc.), price, use requirement, installation environment and maintenance technology, and then according to particular case is particular analysis, overall consideration, elaborate design and reasonable selection.

2. Specific selection principles of flowmeter

Flowmeter selection refers to the selection according to the requirements of industrial production, according to the five principles of fluid type and instrument performance, fluid characteristics, installation conditions, environmental conditions and economic factors.

Instrument performance - quality, stability, accuracy, range, linearity, signal parameters, response time, pressure loss, etc.

Fluid characteristics - temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, clogging, phase transition, corrosion resistance, conductivity, sound velocity, thermal conductivity, etc.

Installation conditions: pipe layout direction, flow direction, length of straight pipe section on the upstream and downstream sides of detection parts, pipe diameter, maintenance space, vibration, power supply and other conditions.

Environmental conditions: ambient temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference, safety, explosion-proof lightning protection, pipeline vibration and other conditions.

Economic factors - procurement cost, installation cost, calibration cost, maintenance cost, service life, spare parts and other factors.


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